Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why do people Snitch?

Holla people,
Hope y'all have been kipping kipping? *yeulz ooo, datz Naija lingua* These asterisks sef are making me wannu use hash tags and start tweeting jooor! lol
Yes oooo! Homeboy's @twittinwildeboy by the way, so follow me on twitter we can yarn direct!
In other news, one thing that is guaranteed to annoy me or make me unhappy is misplaced trust/ breached trust. Nothing upsets me like that. The closest to that is ingratitude. You don't have to say thank you but I wannu feel the energy of gratitude. I wannu be sure you really need any positive energy that comes your way from mine. I always want to spread goodness anywhere I go. I want to drop down and die the day I stop being relevant to people around me. And because of that I live every sequence in my life cognizant of the fact that I am affecting people around me +vely. I don't hang around wherever I am not needed.
Back to misplaced trust. I've become a master of the art. It takes a lot for me to trust a person. When i begin getting the vibe off people, a red flag goes off in my head. Even though I see things coming, I still wish otherwise.
I know I'm talking in parables, but imma give you the details when next I write. I'm just too stunned right now...too stunned to write.
But I cannot help but ask myself why? Why do people snitch? Why do they stand to gain from stabbing people in the back?


Ibhade said...

eyah!..e pele o.....i feel your pain,becox i had been down that road several times....i like this Yoruba saying, IF YOU THANK SOMEONE FOR THE LITTLE DONE FOR YOU AT NIGHT, THE PERSON WOULD DO A BIGGER ONE FOR YOU IN THE MORNING.....just take it easy you hear?

HoneyDame said...

Awwww.....that is just so...****..I have had quite a dose of snitchery. Just be easy on yourself.

Wild Boy said...

Thanx auntie Ibhade..I will

Wild Boy said...

Honeydame...Thanx. apprci8

Coy~Introvert said...

Heyy gave you an award on my blog, go get it!! :)

Wild Boy said...

awww..thanx coy..imma go git it