Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Police post..

It's been a while since ive put up a post, a reflection of the new dimension my life has taken. I've been around now, commenting on your posts and generally feeling your swags. Yes, I've had a blogger stalker..*winks* and she's a gurl and she's cute too.
Ok, I'm annoyed. Infact, I'm pissed. You see, the kind of relationship i've had with the Nigerian Police up till now is a live and let live thingie. I'm the quintessential good Nigerian and have the nation's best interest at heart doing every thing that's expected of me.
Apart from that I try as much as possible to be courteous to them whenever our paths cross...respecting them even though they have done nothing to warrant my respect. of recent, our paths crossed and they lost my respect totally and forever.
After a hard day at my bakery, putting finishing touches on cakes that were going out last weekend- 4 wedding cakes, 1 engagement cake and 2 birthday cakes, i was called at the office as regards an appointment earlier scheduled. I sought a re schedule but the woman would have none of that. Co incidentally, my cake hounding friend came in unannounced with a friend and i hijacked him to drop me off at my office and ferry me back to the bakery - all for a promise of a chunk of cake.
We were on our way back generally playing in the car when i noticed the occupants of this raggedy vehicle in front of ours looking back at us and starring . Before we knew what was up, they slowed down in front of our car and out jumped 4 men of the Nigerian police with arms forcing us to park in full glare of the public like we were robbers.
After we parked, next thing they did was to seize our a style akin to us being robbed. Well, we were whisked to their police station and the guy i spoke with claimed to have arrested us under suspicion of being internet fraudsters.
All through the 3 hours i spent doing their bidding, i was as courteous as possible answering their every ridiculous question albeit the officer doing the asking was yelling and in no way polite. I was asked to write a statement and the guy with his limited knowledge tried without success to make me write implicating things he fed to me after asking ambiguous questions and making me answer in ways that could implicate me. Well, I drove him crazy by writing what i felt was correct and had turned in all possible trials, making sure they were 'implication proof. Towards the end he wanted to know my academic qualifications and what i did for a living, after leaving his mouth hanging with them and telling him I was an event planner and had requested almost the entire police station as security for a certain party, he became another individual entirely.
I'm not too familiar with what's legal and what's not (my lawyer friends know all that*winks) but I'm positive lots are wrong with the way these men handled the matter, and i wonder when our police force would be upgraded and brought up to standard.
I mourn the illiteracy and corruption that has come to define the Nigerian police.
They cannot even navigate a blackberry device and I didn't see any means of keeping records for three hours I was there. No desk phone for communication and the place lacked dignity of any facility.
I can't go on...cos I don't see the need to. It's not a fruitful cause anyways...
I'm out peeps..Missed y'all